Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Brunette Having a Nice Healthy Meal & A Smoke in Union Square, NYC or... OUCH! Watch That Straw Lady! (May, 2006)

Here's an attractive young lady having a nutricious meal and healthy smoke in Union Square, NYC. As a blog reader noted: "Ouch, watch that straw!" (photo taken on 05-11-2006).

Note: Here is a bit of irony regarding this series of photos: I've taken thousands of pictures at Union Square Park in New York City. From among them, I've pulled out a hand full of "smoking pics." I was reminded that I had these photos when I saw an absolutely awesome and incredible anti-smoking commercial that is currently running on TV. The commercial is set in Union Square Park, just as these pictures are. In that commercial, caustic chemicals found in cigarettes are used to "shave" the backs of some very hairy men. The disgusted faces of people observing the effects of these chemicals are shown throughout the commercial. Well, these photos were taken in the same park, at nearly the same spot, within weeks of when that commercial was shot!

Technical Note: The grain in these photos are not a result of noisy cameras or poor exposure... it is intentional and was added via Photoshop's grain filter. I thought that the effect was appropriate for these photos.

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cyberoutlaw said...

She certainly has no trepidations whatsoever, LOL! Ouch! Watch that straw, lady.