Sunday, February 11, 2007

Subway Serenade (NYC, February, 2007)

I took this photo yesterday and already it is one of my favorite captures ever. Here you see a subway musician (part of a duo) serenading a little girl as her mother looks on. The duo were playing at the Union Square subway station when the mother spotted them and began to urge her daughter to get closer to the musicians. The little girl was a bit cautious, but willing to get closer. Here you see the caution and apprehension in her face as well as her willingness to explore and get closer. Her mom is beaming at her. The musician played for a few seconds more and then stood up and laughed with delight and then went back to playing.

This photo is an excellent example as to why I always carry a camera with me: you never know where & when life's special moments will happen. It also shows the limitations of current, small, pocket digital cameras (one of which I was carrying on this day) as opposed to the digital SLR which I usually have with me,. Still, having the picture is better than not! Photo taken 02-10-2007.

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