Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Harbor Seal, California Coast, October 1990

A Harbor Seal peaks out the water, on the California Coast, somewhere between San Francisco and Carmel, October 1990. The water may look oily, but it wasn't. That's just the reflection of a ship's masthead and the late afternoon sunlight playing tricks on you.

Lyrics by DEVO
I can see you
And I know what you do
So put your hands on your face
And cover up your eyes
Don’t look until I signal
Peek-a-boo! peek-a-boo! peek-a-boo!
The way that we weren’t is what we’ll become
So please pay attention while I show you some
Of what’s about to happen
I know what you do
Cause I do it too
Laugh if you want to or say you don’t care
If you cannot see it you think it’s not there
It doesn’t work that way

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