Friday, August 03, 2007

Futile (NYC, June 2007)

Here is another street performer at the South Street Seaport. This gent is a Mime, performing as some sort of robotic "Mechanical Man." the object in his hands is a device that makes rude mechanical sounds such as beeps and squawks. All part of his act.

He sat there like this for a very long time. Lost in thought. Seemingly sad. If he was trying to Mime an inactive, sad, depressed, "Mechanical Man," then I must say, he did an excellent job!

During the time that I watched no one gave him any money (is that why he is so sad?). A small child did try to get him to animate and he stood up, paced and flexed a bit and hit a couple of buttons on his squawk box. All in all, not very impressive -- but then again, he clearly was not trying.

Lately, I haven't seen any Mime get much attention at either the South Street Seaport or at Battery Park. It might just be my timing... or is this the end of the road for the Mime in New York City?

Chin up "Mechanical Man." Tomorrow is another day!

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