Friday, September 28, 2007

The Night Was Electric (NYC, August 2007)

Here's a spectacular lightning storm that slammed into Manhattan on the evening of August 3, 2007. This image was taken from my balcony, using a tripod & a shutter release cord and I risked life & limb to bring you these images!

Us Manhattanites often see lightning storms hitting all around us. We see the flashes of light coming from everywhere and nowhere, all at once. However, we don't often get to see lightning bolts dancing off our roof-tops, as a storm slams into the heart of the city. ESPECIALLY not residential buildings that are not skyscrapers.

The building in the middle, taking the direct hit, is use to a little shock therapy. It is the former home of the world-famous Bellevue Hospital "Mental Ward" (as it was called during a less politically-correct era). It has been the butt of jokes for comedians from the 1930's onward (including a famous Abbot & Costello skit). It is currently a homeless mens' shelter located on 29th St. & First Ave. in Manhattan.

The building on the right, also being hit by lightning, is "Renwick Gardens," a residence for the elderly on 29th St., between First and Second Avenues. It is about a block away from the shelter. My balcony is less than 1/3 block away from this building. THAT'S how close I was to this bolt!

On the left, not being hit by lightning, is my mother's building. Lightning knows better than to mess with her.

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