Friday, November 07, 2008

My Neighbors, Preparing To Make History & Take America Back! (NYC, Election Day, 2008)

President-Elect Obama received 85% of the vote in Manhattan, the very center of "godless," liberal, Gay-loving, African-American-loving, Hispanic-loving, Jew-loving, Immigrant-loving, "communist," "socialist," "anarcist," "atheist," "anti-christ," pro-choice, intellectual, "unpatriotic," "Un-American," "fake" Amerika... and the home of the crooks of Wall Street, the "liberal East-Coast" media and "Saturday Night Live," the United Nations (as hosted by the United States) and the home of the America Union's FIRST capital.

As a historical note, "godless and un-American" New York City was the birthplace of U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt and a one-time home for Presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ulysses S. Grant, Herbert Hoover, Dwight Eisenhower, Richard M. Nixon, George Herbert Walker Bush, Bill Clinton, Chester A. Arthur, Barak Hussein Obama. I haven't checked into Wasila's (accepted into the Union in 1959) and Phoenix's (accepted into the Union in 1912) presidential credentials and rosters.

In addition, future Presidents George Washington and James Monroe both fought Revolutionary War battles in New York City and future President John Adams attempted to negotiate a peace with England during the Revolutionary War. Again... Wasila & Phoenix... not on the list.

While on the subject of patriotism, America's two current wars, to date, have claimed 18 son's & daughters from Alaska, 105 from Arizona and 214 from New York.

Going back to the Vietnam War, Alaska donated 57 souls, Arizona 623 and New York 4,120 (all military branches)

During the Korean War: Alaska 7; Arizona 185; New York 1,766 (U.S. Army battlefield deaths only).

In World War II: Alaska 91; Arizona 1,613; New York 31,215 (U.S. Army battlefield & Air Force deaths only).

New York lost 46,534 sons to the Civil War. A war, in which, Alaska and Arizona did not participate.

Finally, let's not forget that on September 11, 2001, New York took a bullet for the rest of the nation and lost 2,604 in addition to those unfortunate souls who were in the two hijacked airliners. 24 more are still listed as missing, and presumed dead.

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