Friday, February 20, 2009

Simon & Garfunkel Reunite At The Beacon! #5 (NYC, February 13, 2009)

After performing a triumphant concert to re-open the newly renovated Beacon Theater in New York, Folk-Rock/Singer-Songwriter God, Paul Simon, brought out an "Old Friend" to help with three songs over two encores. That friend, of course, was Art Garfunkel and before the euphoric audience knew it, we were witnessing a Simon & Garfunkel reunion! They were fantastic -- and that is not just me being sentimental (though I certainly was).

As much as I love him, and as brilliant as I think he is, I am afraid that Paul Simon is ONLY my favorite Paul in music. My favorite, of course, is Paul McCartney (a Beatle trumps all) who, as it turned out, was in attendance this night along with Jon Bon Jovi, SNL Veteran Jimmy Falon and NYC Mayor/Billionaire, Michael Bloomberg. YES, I was breathing the same rarefied air as Paul MCCartney and Simon & Garfunkel. Suddenly I want to make remarkable music!

The Boy in the Bubble
Slip Slidin’ Away
Train in the Distance
Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard
O Vendedor de Sonhos (The Seller of Dreams) (with Luciana Souza)
Spirit Voices (with Luciana Souza)
Born at the Right Time (with Luciana Souza)
Amulet (with Luciana Souza)
The Cool, Cool River
Father and Daughter
You Can Call Me Al


Satin Summer Nights (with Capeman cast)
Bernadette (with Capeman cast)
Quality (with Capeman cast)
Adios Hermanos (with Capeman cast)
You’re the One
Loves Me Like a Rock
Love and Hard Times
Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes
Late in the Evening

The Sound of Silence (with Art Garfunkel)
The Boxer (with Art Garfunkel)

Old Friends (with Art Garfunkel)

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