Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Which of These Things Doesn't Belong? (NYC, April 2009)

Shot from a low angle looking up at the world-famous "Flatiron Building" and the "Fifth Avenue Building Clock." But something is very wrong here! Which of these things doesn't belong?

PHOTOGRAPHER's NOTE: Oh well, since nobody bit the title's teaser, I'll just come out and tell you... My original photo featured the building and clock... exactly as shown. But they were set off against an incredibly boring white background (featureless, high clouds). Boring! And so then I added the sky, clouds and trees from a photo that I lifted off the Web. Not happy still, I returned to the Web looking for a Pterodactyl and found this funky bird instead and then, in a final flourish, I recruited this giraffe from the Web to join in on the party.

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